Coneys’ Ten Years

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Did you know that this September marks ten years since Coneys Custard opened their doors? Ten years! That’s a long time to be making creamy frozen custard, gourmet Coneys Dogs, and award-winning burgers. Even at ten years old our quality is still number one.

Coneys has some new flavors up its sleeves, they’ll be creating them all year. The newest flavor was Drumstick. Creamy vanilla custard with chocolate sauce and waffle cone pieces. The new flavor was a huge success. Keep your eyes open for even better, creamier new flavors.


Not only does Coneys have “Best Of State” custard, they have amazing burgers. Their burgers have been featured in SLC Magazine. You can stick with your classic, simple one patty burger, or you can go big! Get the double-double cheeseburger on nice, buttery, toasted buns.


The Coneys Dog is well known around the community. They begin with an authentic Nathan’s all-beef hot dog. Prepped and grilled to perfection and then placed on a freshly-baked artisan bun. Topped with chili, cheese, tomatoes, onions, tortilla strips and sour cream. We bet you’ve never eaten a hot dog this delicious.


All in all it’s been a good ten years and Coneys looks forward to ten more.





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