Brief history of Frozen Custard and Coneys Frozen Custard

Frozen Custard first originated on the boardwalk of Coney Island, New York, in the early 1900’s. Legend has it that an ice cream vendor decided to add eggs to ice cream. To his delight a new premium ice cream had been discovered. It is said that Archie Kohr invented the first frozen custard machine and took it to Coney Island, where over 18,000 cones were sold in the first weekend. In the coming years frozen custard could be found in Atlantic City and other east coast resort communities. The popularity quickly expanded into the Midwest. Today there are thousands of frozen custard shops all over the country.

Coneys Frozen Custard opened its doors in September 2003 in Orem, Utah. Coneys was originally created to bring frozen custard to Utah County. It soon became a popular destination for its premium hamburgers and gourmet hot dogs. Coney’s continues to focus on providing a superior dining experience in addition to the best ice cream in Utah!