What is Frozen Custard?

Frozen custard is a gourmet ice cream made fresh right in front of your eyes and usually served within a couple hours of being made. Regular ice cream is harder and frozen for days or weeks before being served.

The secret is all in the barrel.

The freezing barrel is where the mix turns into frozen custard. Coney’s machine continuously feeds mix into the freezing barrel, where it is rapidly frozen.

How is Frozen Custard different than regular ice cream?

Using our special batch freezer, the frozen custard has smaller ice crystals. Unlike regular ice cream, very little air is whipped into the frozen custard. The term “overrun” refers to the amount of air in the ice cream. With low overrun and small ice crystals, the custard produced is velvety smooth with a rich flavor.

In other words, smaller ice crystals, low air content, freshness and the best ingredients translate into the smoothest, tastiest frozen dessert you will ever have.

Your taste buds can thank us later.